Free Consultation

On Line Free Ayurveda Consultation Available For The Chronic Diseases Like Piles, Fistula In Ano, Fissure In Ano, Migraine, Colitis, Peptic Ulcer , Eczema, Pain In Heel, Spondylitis, Sexual Disorders (Male, Female ) Etc. Give Details In This Proforma

Consultation Proforma
Particulars Of Patient

Name , Sex, Age, Occupation Etc.

Chief Complaints With Duration –

Short History Of Present Illness

I.E. How Symptoms Occurs, Progress, How They Aggravate And Relieved Etc.

Hitory Of Past Illness

Any Serious Disease Or Operation Performed Previously.


Reports Of Investigation I.E. Blood Test, Urine Test, Stool Test , Semen Analysis, Sonography Reports. Etc.

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