Ksharsutra Theraly in Fistula in ANO

Fistula in ano is a track which is lined by unhealthy granulation tissue which connects two epithelialised cavities with each other or one cavity to the surface.

Clinical Feature

Pus discharge from perianal region.
Pain & swelling in perianal region.
After sometime swelling burst then pus discharge.

ksharsutra Therapy

Acharya Sushruta (Father of Surgery) mentioned three types of treatment.
Para Surgical
General line of treatment includes mainly preventive & also administration of medicines orally. The surgical line of treatment has been described very elaborately. Para Surgical treatment includes cautery by thermal & chemical substances i.e. kshar sutra.


KSHARSUTRA is a medicated thread prepared by linen thread, Apanarg Kshar (Achyranthusaspera), Snuhi ksheer (Latex of euphorbia nerifolia) and Haridra Churna (Curcumalonga).

Benefits of Kshrsutra Therapy

It is O.P.D level procedure.
cost effective.
Very less recurrence rate.
Patient can do his routine work or duties from very same day of procedure.
Cutting & healing goes simultaneously.